Market Segmentation

Discover and understand your market potential

  • Who are your most profitable customers and why
  • What is the problem your product or solution solves
  • What is its value
  • Distinguish your products with a clear Value Proposition

Validate market potential

  • Armed with your potential customer base, match against product revenue categories
  • Base on size, region, timing factors, propensity to purchase
  • Predict product revenue by margin, service, maintenance – categories that suit your business model
  • Identify purchase timing

Identify markets with best opportunities

  • Review your potential customer bases accross product categories
  • Where can you expand, where do you need to invest


  • Uncover factors to establish a set of criteria  to explore market expansion
  • Use the modelling as input to product roadmaps, marketing and sales strategy and business planning

Business Advisory

We can advise and guide you in the following areas

  • Strategic planning
  • Business plans
  • Accelerate growth
  • Corporate vision


Identifying key attributes is the first step

  • We can source relevant and current data for the chosen markets
  • We have access to a specialised workforce that will go beyond

Mine the data

  • Use the Sales Miner software to identify and test potential market segments

Sales Miner

Delivering Market Segmentation solutions that maximise business growth