The Sales Miner software provides a structured and powerful interface to explore and model market possibilities. Once data is imported, the Sales Miner Cluster and Matching functions guide you to discover and assign potential customers to markets. The creation of Product Revenue Categories such as Services Revenue, Services Margin, Software Revenue and Software Margin, allows you to assign real dollar values to your Product offering.  Identify and link target customers and see the possible return within a market.

  • Test various angles to identify clusters of ‘like’ customers according to their similarities
  • Define or select an ‘ideal customer’ for a Product category and use the Discover tools to find more
  • Begin to see potential market segments and save for later refinement and referral

Who Benefits

Our solution provides key benefits to different roles in the organisation.


Know sales forecasts are qualified.
Maximise revenue and profit.
Make marketing and sales accountable.

sales manager

Know which opportunities represent greatest chance of success.
Focus your sales efforts and resources.
Validate sales forecast.


Deliver predictable sales and growth.
Allocate Assets to the best opportunities.
Make marketing and sales accountable.


Given assurance forecast growth projections will be met.
Visibility of return on investment.
Increased accountability.

product manager

Ensure product is relevant to the chosen market.
Increase probability of success.
Understand the potential return on investment for new products within a timeframe.

Sales Miner

Delivering Market Segmentation solutions that maximise business growth