Delivering Solutions that Maximise Business Growth


We are passionate about providing companies the tools the need to identify and maximise their growth potential


Do you want to achieve business growth?  Start by understanding your Target Market


Through knowledge and research we help you to know the right market to target at the right time to drive your growth

why we do it

Our team has been part of businesses that have experienced the highs and lows…  and lived to tell the tale.

From start-ups to delivering stages of high growth and finally to successful exit strategies, the Sales Miner team has done it all.

what we achieve

Every business wants to increase their revenues.  This can be done in many ways including:

  • Increasing market penetration
  • Capturing new markets
  • Exploring new product ideas

With great intentions, we often are too busy in the business to pause, review and plan how to make the first step.

The high failure rate of start-up businesses and new products can be related to their failure to genuinely understand their target market.

Would you like to identify and validate potential target markets before investing competed for company resources?

how we do it

The Sales Miner team will discover the compelling attributes of your business, products and competitor landscape to determine the market segments representing the best opportunity for growth.

Our methodology, supported by our product, analyses all factors and ensures the whole of company focus is directed to the customers who represent the most likely opportunities to drive business success.

Case Study

Digital Communications Platform

Key Outcomes

  • Identified customers who represented the best opportunity
  • Increased revenue by 50%
  • Forecast market segment revenues and margins
  • Implemented a Marketing and Communication plan
  • Achieved whole of company approach to the market

Case Study

Global Mining Software and Hardware Provider

Key Outcomes

  • Revenues increased from 200,000 EUR to 9,000,000 EUR over 18 months
  • Timing factors for buying decisions identified
  • Validated key target markets
  • Identified organisational capabilities and requirements to service markets

Sales Miner

Delivering Market Segmentation solutions that maximise business growth